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After having Vaser Liposuction in London, my surgeon told me that I must have a course lymphatic drainage massages. Thankfully I found Beata! I have got great results and could feel a difference after every session. I would always recommend Beata she has been fabulous. Thank you!

Diagnosed with Parkinsons over 10 years ago I am familiar with the more common symptoms of stiffness and slowness of movement with associated discomfort including pain. While traditional massage treatment proved beneficial it did require some deep tissue massage techniques keeping the body somewhat tender until the full effects of the treatment took hold. Deep Oscillation treatment offers a shortened (immediate) timeline to commence healing and with the use of modern technology offers a kinder approach to the application of treatment. While Deep Oscillation does not provide a cure my experience is that it serves its purpose of improving the symptoms and reducing the discomfort from them. In addition the care provided by Beata and Jarek is heartfelt and gives one the feeling that you are truly in “Good Hands”.

I used to see Beata regularly for reflexology sessions and was very pleased. I also took my son and husband for treatments. Very relaxing and I was always educated something new about our health or body. I would continue if we didn't move out of the area. Highly recommend!

I highly recommend treatments at I feel Good Therapy Clinic. Both Jarek and Beata are very knowledgeable and professional. After the massage treatments I felt incredibly relaxed and balanced, looking forward to have more treatments. Great therapists and wonderful skills!

I had the most beautiful reflexology treatment from Beata! She is amazingly skilled at what she does! She has a beautiful soul and love just flows from her! I came away feeling absolutely wonderful and my feet felt amazing for days afterwards!

A wonderful treatment with the amazing intuitive Beata. I had a very painful, stiff shoulder with pain that radiated down my arm. Following one gong bath treatment which was both very powerful and relaxing I am today pain free after 3 months of feeling very uncomfortable. My go to No1 Therapist who never fails to deliver. Thank you so much !

I have been receiving regular distance Reiki from Beata in lockdown. I feel I couldn’t be in safer and more loving hands with Beata. I had very sore back and the pain has all gone after just one session. I have received healing on many levels. I couldn’t recommend this treatment more! It’s been magical experience and helped me so much. Thank you

Hi Beata, I forgot to tell you. When I went to the lymphoedema clinic last week they were so impressed with my arm they discharged me! Well done you! Thank you for deep oscillation treatments !

I feel like something has unlocked since the Reiki. It was a wonderful experience and I felt like I’d experienced something very new but also very familiar at the same time if that doesn’t sound too strange. Afterwards, I was more centred and calm than I have been for a long time and nowhere near as anxious. It’s also been a relief not to have such a busy mind for a while and also approach life’s tasks and exchanges thinking about what the benefits are for me without feeling guilty. I have not meditated much at all in the past few years and now I am able to access quite a deep meditation, with colours... I could see a blue and some purple around my hands” JD

Beata thank you so much. I felt exhausted yesterday afternoon but after a sleep felt clean and lighter. My stomach had a clear out which I will need to remember for next time tok. Today I fell again lighter cleaner energised and wanting to get on with things.!!!! Fabulous that I have found you on many levels.

Discovering Beata and her “I Feel Good Therapy” is an absolute blessing. Not only does Beata have healing powers, she also gives amazing massage and a range of other wonderful restorative treatments such as reiki and reflexology. And her husband gives the most wonderful Gong Sound Baths - so together they make a dynamic duo - between them both, I think most physical ailments can be addressed. I have already started taking my family too.

Thank you so very much for the wonderful treatments I was lucky enough to receive yesterday. Every single minute was a treat - incredibly relaxing; therapeutic and you were so understanding and kind. I really did feel quite emotional straight afterward and realize it was a release of months of built up stress and tension. I felt the timing of yesterday was the best possible experience for me, particularly after being diagnosed with cancer the day before.

I have been having lymphatic drainage/lymphastim with Beata and Jarek for over 9 months and have really noticed the difference. I am nearly 60 years old and managed to complete the Coast to Coast walk from St Bees to Robin Hoods Bay - a total of 199 miles - without even a blister. Everybody I walked with, both younger and older people, got debilitating blisters (some becoming infected, so they couldn’t carry on), sore knees and ankles, and several couldn’t complete because of sore feet. I am convinced that lymphatic drainage/lymphastim really helped to keep my muscles toned and strong and protected me during that arduous walk often very difficult conditions. My legs felt strong and my feet never felt like they were going sprout blisters. I did the same training as my walking colleagues, who all suffered, and as I was the only one who had had lymphatic drainage, I believe that is what protected me.

I've been seeing Beata for 6 months or so and she has been treating me with reflexology and vacuflex. I'm a chiropractor so have a physically demanding job. After seeing Beata I don't just feel good, but I feel GREAT! She really is a unique therapist - very knowledgeable with a gentle and caring manner. She has also given me some excellent nutritional and lifestyle advice based on her extensive knowledge of Chinese and energy medicine. Highly recommended.

Beata is a brilliant, intuitive and effective therapist, and I would recommend her to anyone with all my heart. I've seen Beata for reflexology and massage at the Red Hot Yoga studios in Guildford, not long after breaking my collarbone, and she has made me feel very safe and relaxed and helped ease my pain significantly. Brilliant!

Lymphoedema was greatly reduced from my leg after MLD treatment with Beata. I was emotional and deeply relaxed

Welcoming, safe and relaxing healer. Beata is intuitive as she works on your body. I have had great massage & NST treatments. She found all the little tight nots that my yoga practice was not touching and allowed me to find new depths. I would recommend her to anyone. Her hands and calm manner are a great compliment to any Yoga practitioner, regular visits to her at Red Hot Yoga Studios are heavenly.

After poorly performed MLD by some therapist, my arm felt awful. I’m so happy that I managed to find I Feel Good Therapy Clinic. I can’t believe how effective is Lymphastim. Honestly, I think that one Pressotherapy treatment is a few times more effective than MLD. I’ve got more energy and I feel good.

I would urge anyone seeking a genuine spiritual healer to see Jarek (Okide Soul) as a man with a real gift and a desire to help. I have met quite a few so called mediums and spiritual healers and without doubt Jarek is one of a few with a real and tangible ability to perform this special practice.An honest, humble man with an overwhelming goodness inside and an honest ability to mediumship, Reiki and other forms of healing. He has helped me and many of my friends all of whom feel as I do that this is a good man that can do what he says he can. Thank you Okide.

I highly recommend I Feel Good Therapy. One of the best reflexology treatments I ever have had. I feel so great now. My headache gone and I feel like my whole stress gone. Thank you so much x

Beata is absolutely lovely. She is very intuitive and can diagnose problems as soon as she comes to contact with the body. Both myself and my husband see her regularly, when we can, simply because she makes me feel better during and after a session. Book yourself a session with her, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

In autumn last year I was kindly invited by Beata to try NST. Having experience with energy medicine and also recovering from back surgery I was keen to try something new. I had hit one of those roadblocks in life and although I knew my direction the roadblock seemed firmly placed. My first appointment was met with fear and intrigue. As Beata worked on moving my muscles which at times was painful I could sense a flowing that began to happen throughout my body whilst the muscles began a deep relaxation. We went through this process once a week for the next 6-8 weeks. Each session felt slightly different and was never that painful as the first. The most noticeable change was in my daily life. From the first week my future plans began to be more relevant and I found a new determination to achieve my goals. In 6 weeks my life had completely changed, I achieved physical goals, increased my work and therefore my income and overcome the fears of dating after years being single and currently enjoying a new part of my social life.

Having recently meet Beata and from our first meeting, I was completely swept away by her. She has a very kind and caring way about her but also she just seemed to tune in to me and my body, knowing exactly where it hurt or I had issues without discussion. I feel very privileged to have come across Beth

The therapist, Beata from I Feel Good Therapy, was a wonderful lady and very highly skilled. She found and worked on every single nook and cranny of stress and aching in my body. She took great care and time over each area, using a variety of techniques to unlock and relieve all the problem areas. It was a great session and I would highly recommend Beata.

Beata is a wonderful and talented Therapist. She is not only knowledgeable and skilled but has a deeply intuitive way of carrying out her treatments. Beata uses her skills to treat you from the inside out which leaves you feeling uplifted and renewed. She is unique. I work as a Therapist myself and I and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Go book a treatment now!

Beata and Jarek have been fundamental in helping me maintaining my sense of balance and well- being over the last few years. Their holistic approach in the big range of treatments they offer is unique. They will completely personalize your treatment and will take you to a journey of new bliss. Since I moved to London I really miss them. They are irreplaceable!

My daughter is a nervous child who lacks in confidence. She has had a tough childhood living between divorced parents witnessing massive volatility and no co-parenting. You can sense how tied up she is, how much she struggles. She often shows bouts of anger that is very painful to watch. I took her to Beata and after her first session I saw changes. She was immediately more opened even before we walked out the door. You could see an immediate glow in her face. I could feel the release of tension from my daughter after seeing Beata and her nervous system was more and more relaxed. She always wants to see Beata and never wants to leave. I am so grateful to Beata for her love and support.

I first came in contact with Beata when I was looking for a solution for my son sleepless nights. My son has Autism, and it’s very hard for him to just switch off and go to sleep, however after couple of sessions where Beata worked on his feet (Reflexology) I noticed massive difference in his sleeping pattern. Everything was explained wonderfully. The pressure was tailored exactly to his needs. Every effort was taken to ensure his comfort, and I was extremely satisfied with the quality of the treatment. I would certainly recommend Beata to my family and friends. The experience was absolutely wonderful for me and my son. We all as a family use I Feel Good Therapy Clinic for all sort of treatments and we absolutely love it. Thank you.

Beata and Jarek are really good people and professionals. I had serious problems, pain in my back and knee. All gone after few sessions. Also, if you go through a very stressful time, noting treats you better than I feel good therapy.

When I contacted Jarek 7 weeks ago, I had been feeling spiritually, emotionally and physically blocked. I was in therapy, yet old patterns kept taking over. The moment I walked into his house I felt a positive, healing energy. We sat down to talk and before I knew it I was crying. He hadn’t even started Reiki and I was already releasing. Reiki , along with Chakra balancing, was the most incredible experience. I had never felt that at peace and one with the universe. Afterwards he gave me Acupressure, to unblock my trapped energy. I was sobbing again, not from the pain (it hurts but it’s ‘good’ hurt) but release of the negative emotions and past hurt. When it was over I could move my body in ways I hadn’t been able to in ages. It felt as if I had an emotional, psychological and spiritual colonic. Jarek went to the heart of my stuck pain and began flushing it out. I left, feeling relaxed and different. The true test for me was in how i would handle certain situations. My obsessions became thoughts, my laziness became movement. My fog became clarity and focus. I have participated in a group meditation and Gong bath held monthly and I see him weekly for Reiki, Chakra balancing and ending with Acupressure. I am not the same person I was when I began treatments with Jarek 7 weeks ago. My life has changed dramatically. People who I haven’t seen in a while comment on how different I look, peaceful and happy. Even though I have shared my experience of healing treatments with Jarek I cannot began to show my gratitude for how his treatments have changed, no, saved my life and put me on my true path to healing. I promise you that if you choose to work with Jarek your life will change for the better. Mine has!!!

I am very satisfied with reflexology done by Beata. The first massage I had a year ago. This time I began the fifth series, resulting of the 100% health and to my pleasure.I would recommend treatments with Beata to anyone who wants to improve the health and comfort of his life.

I was hospitalised and being pumped full of frightening drugs while the doctors spent two days trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Jarek sent a powerful long-distance healing Reiki treatment my way, and four hours later I was sent home. Follow-up medical examinations left the doctors scratching their heads, completely puzzled, as there was nothing wrong with me! Thank you, my sweet spiritual brother, for your beautiful gift of Trans-Atlantic healing!

I would like to share how wonderful Beata and Jarek are from the I Feel Good Therapy Clinic. My life has completely changed. I began seeing Jarek privately almost fours years ago. I was a chain-smoker in a very abusive relationship. I was ungrounded and all over the place. Jarek introduced me to Reiki and acupressure and I have never looked back. Jarek helped me to finally quit smoking almost three years ago. Jarek and Beata are the most down to earth, caring, uplifting and positive people I know. From spiritual to holistic they have cornered the market in wellness. I will never be able to share my gratitude enough for how you both changed my life. Much love x

I saw Beata for 3 NST treatments for sciatica (at night) and tennis elbow. The sciatica has not returned and the elbow is much improved. I had an introductory offer but I do think that price would be an issue for many but to help with a long term or acute pain issue is priceless. Give it a go. Beata is a lovely caring therapist and NST works.

I had a TUI NA massage with Beata at Red Hot Yoga and it was divine! It was quite different to any massage I have had before and encompassed a number of different techniques. I left completely relaxed, with noticeable tension relief too! Beata is very competent and skilled as well as being very easy to talk to - her approach allows you to start to mentally unwind before she even physically touches you. Highly recommended.

I always look forward to my sessions with Beata, she has a warm nurturing energy that really complements her work. Her wealth of knowledge has helped me physically and emotionally. I always leave feeling centered again and I’m grateful that Beata has become part of my self-care.

Beata is a wonderful therapist, welcoming and very knowledgeable. The Bowen session I had with her was really relaxing and my shoulder felt so much better afterwards.

Beata is absolutely amazing as a therapist. She has very good intuition and knowledge. I felt very safe and comfortable when she was my healer. I trust her because I know that my body is in good hands - her hands. She helped me when I was very deep in depression last year. Now I am happy and healthy woman. Thanks, Beata, I love you!!!

NST transformed me from an anxious, depressed, lost person to joyfulness. The results are almost instant. I saw immediate improvements after the first session, and during my second I re-discovered laughter, true childlike laughter. So powerful and pure, a long history of depression was released (not buried). And true joy is now possible. I have tried different therapies in the past, with kinesiology providing excellent results for me whilst giving up smoking. But none compare to the miraculous results of NST with Beata. I fully trust that I am in safe, caring, expert hands. I cannot thank you enough for giving me back more than I realized I had lost. Thank you.